Carpet Repair In Connecticut Fix Hole In Carpet


Damaged carpet is an eyesore, but you don’t have to live with it. Most carpet stores want to sell you new carpet not repair your current carpet. Rob’s Carpet Service is a mobile service company that specializes in top quality carpet repair.

Don’t let 5% of your carpet cost you 100% replacement! Repair it instead for a fraction of the cost.

What We Do?

We provide a suite of services to repair and install domestic and commercial carpets. Including stretching, patches, torn seam repair and more. Rob has you covered. This is often utilized by tenants to save their security deposit and homeowners in preparation of sale or renting.

We provide free estimates over the phone and will have you floored with our dedicated staff and unrivaled same-day repair services. With over three decades in the carpet repair industry, we know a thing or two about flooring our customers with our impeccable service and customer-centered approach.

Our vision is to keep homes and offices clean and presentable one carpet at a time. Our history of satisfied returning customers attests to our diligence and commitment to keeping your carpets in tip-top shape.

Residential & Office Carpet Repair

Whether you have carpet damage at home, or at the office, our carpet repair experts have the tools and experience to repair your carpet. We provide a friendly, fast, and professional service.

Pet Damage

Pets can get bored at times and sometimes destroy the carpet. We have dealt with many situations involving our loved ones, and would be happy to provide our services to repair your carpet. One solution to your problem can be a carpet patch on the damaged area to get your carpet looking like new again.

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Stretching & Reinstallation

Another service we offer CT is carpet stretching (re-stretching) to remove any bumps, waves, ripples, or creases in an older carpet installation. There are many reasons why a carpet may begin to buckle ranging from weather to improper installation or materials used during installation. Whatever the case may be we can stretch out the wrinkle as good as new.

Carpet Patch

Q. I don’t have any carpet to patch with. How do I get a piece that will work?
A. The best place to get a matching piece is from a remnant. Sometimes fade will be a slight factor due to age, but this is going to be the same dye lot. If there is no remnant, a piece can be taken from the closet, and a different piece put in its place.

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