Berber Carpet

What Is Berber Carpeting?

The term Berber generally refers to carpet that’s overall light in color with flecks of darker colors (usually brown or gray) and woven with a distinctive loop pile that attaches to the backing and remains uncut.

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Typically, Berber is found most often in looped styles of carpeting. As looped styles became more popular, the color choices became more varied. So instead of being offered only in the flecked or multi-colors associated with Berber, looped carpet came to be available in solid colors as well. However, the name Berber stuck, so today the name most commonly refers to the looped style and not the color.


In addition to the relatively low cost, a big advantage of Berber carpet is that it is fairly easy to clean spills and stains. Because of the looped construction, spills tend to sit on the surface of the carpet, so if you can get to them early, you will likely be able to prevent them from sinking into the fiber.

Many Berbers are multi-colored or have the traditional color fleck, which makes them great for hiding soiling and any stains that do occur.


One disadvantage of Berber is the possibility of snagging and/or running. With a loop construction, things can get caught in the loop and pull it out. It does require a lot of force to snag a Berber. It could happen by dragging a piece of furniture across the carpet; it is not likely to happen by driving a toy car on the carpet.

Below are some of our recent berber carpet installations

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