Carpet Tile Installation

Carpet Tile Installation in Connecticut

We offer a high quality carpet tile installation service to Connecticut at an extremely competitive price by eliminating the middle man that often drives up the price of installation. With over 30 years experience our carpet tile installers can work with carpet tiles of all sizes shapes and patterns, residential and commercial, no job too big or small. Let us help make sure your materials get the expert installation they deserve.

Carpet tiles are small swatches of carpet, made from broadloom carpet, that can be installed and combined in a number of creative ways. Also known as “modular carpets” & “carpet squares”, carpet tiles are most often square and available in a range of square sizes – 48×48, 50×50, 60×60 and 96x96cm – as well as in planks, which are long rectangular shapes. Some manufacturers, however, also offer carpet tiles in a variety of creative shapes.