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Want to bring luxury back into your life without spending thousands of dollars of new carpet? You’ve come to the right place.

For over 30 years Robert Baerga has provided Connecticut with Quality carpet installation at an affordable rate . Throughout his carpeting career Rob has seen millions of dollars worth of perfectly good carpet get cut up and replaced simply because most people didn’t know their carpet could be repaired. This inspired Robert to start his own carpet installation and repair company.

We can repair loose or buckled carpet, burns, torn seams, and many other carpet related problems.

Rob can also save you money if you decide to replace your carpet with a new one. You can shop around and purchase a carpet from anywhere and avoid inflated showroom labor prices knowing Rob is just a phone call away.

We Offer

Any carpet type any place commercial or residential, we can install it for an affordable price. Click below for more info.

Plush / Cut pile           Berber / Looped pile

Cut-loop pile

If your carpet is loose or buckled we can tighten it up good as new.

We can repair holes, burns, and tears by replacing the damaged area with a matching piece of carpet, usually taken from a closet area or remnant from original installation. When seams begin to look bad or come apart, they can easily be re-made.

Let us help you make adding that final touch a breeze.

If you are looking for a more durable option, carpet tiles may be the right choice for you.

Any style of carpet, any type of staircase.

Have a specific type of border in mind? We can help bring that thought to reality.


We can help you create a separate area for those workouts that require a little more traction.


Whether  it’s a busted pipe, leaky fixture , or mother nature just seems to have it out for your basement, We can get the water out.