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We offer a high quality gym flooring installation service to Connecticut at an extremely competitive price by eliminating the middle man that often drives up the price of installation. With over 30 years experience our flooring installers can work with gym floors of all sizes shapes and patterns, residential and commercial, Including rubber rolls, mats and artificial turfs. Let us help make sure your materials get the expert installation they deserve.

In recent years, gyms have evolved to include workouts and activities that go far beyond lifting weights and running on treadmills. From high intensity conditioning drills and sled work to cross fit, HIIT, functional fitness and competitive sport training, the need for a versatile gym floor is greater than ever. Where real grass provides a cushioned surface that works with many activities, it certainly doesn’t grow well under artificial light, and it is costly and messy to maintain. This is where gym turf comes in to play. It is an increasingly popular flooring option that provides a low maintenance, affordable and durable surface that works well for a wide variety of physical activities.

Although rubber is one of the best flooring options for gyms, many find that turf is actually easier to train on – adding traction when running and proper resistance when performing sled work. It offers some of the same factors that rubber flooring does, such as noise dampening, shock absorption, and low maintenance, but it also provides the perfect floor for those athletes accustomed to training outdoors on fresh cut grass. It can also accommodate a wide-variety of fitness and training equipment and activity and provides comfortable footing with or without shoes.

Gym turf is made to last, with the ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic, dropped weights, weighted workout equipment, rigorous sled pushes, and more. It is truly designed to be used and abused. The form and shape of the turf will not easily be compromised, as it is tough and resistant to tears, divots, holes, and more.

Gym turf provides an amazingly shock absorbing flooring option, especially when installed with a pad underlayment. It reduces pressure on the joints of athletes, which is so important when considering the safety of those practicing high-impact exercises. The risk of falls and injuries could be greatly minimized with this cushioning. In addition, gym turf is slip resistant and non-abrasive.

Economical & Easy to Maintain
Although gym turf isn’t cheap, it is a cost effective option for any indoor facility. Most options come with a warranty and require a simple mopping and brushing, as needed.

Gym turf presents a much more attractive look than a standard, black, rubber floor. With options that range from grass green to customizable school colors, your space will be greatly transformed by the addition of turf. It is designed to look clean and professional without much effort.

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