Wet carpet removal and replacement in Westport Connecticut

Need carpet water damage repaired?

You’ve come to the right place.

Carpet damaged by water is a common problem faced by many CT homeowners but usually the damage can be repaired if we act fast enough to avoid the major problems which include mold and odor build up.

Whether it’s a leaky fixture busted pipe, or mother nature just seems to have it out for your basement we can help you restore you carpet to it’s former glory once the cause has been addressed.

In most cases the padding will be holding the bulk of the water and will need to be removed to allow the carpet to dry out properly.

After the padding is removed and the remaining water is extracted the carpet can be propped up in a way to allow air flow from blowers speed the drying process.

The padding is the replaced with a new pad of matching density and the carpet is stretched back to it’s former position.

In this case below the customer removed the wet padding but also damaged the carpet in the process. Luckily we were able to repair the carpet replace the padding and stretch it back into it’s proper position.

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