Sheet and Plank Vinyl Installation Service in Derby Connecticut

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Vinyl flooring can be installed over just about any existing flat, smooth, and dry surface.  Different products use loose lay, releasable adhesive, or permanent adhesive methods. Our expert installers can complete most projects in less than a single day, usually in just a couple of hours.

If you purchased material from Home Depot, Lowe’s, or anywhere else online and want to make sure it is installed correctly, we have you covered.

Vinyl sheet flooring
Vinyl sheet comes in large rolls and often can be installed with no seams. It can be glued to your sub floor and sometimes loose laid. It is quiet, warm, and care-free. It is available in both residential and commercial grade.

Vinyl tile and plank flooring
Vinyl tiles and planks offer a wider selection of styles and customization options than vinyl sheets. In addition to greater design versatility, vinyl tiles and planks are also easier to repair.

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