Q. Why are there wrinkles in my carpet and what can be done to remedy this?
A. There are many reasons why a carpet may begin to ranging from weather to improper installation or materials used during installation. Whatever the case may be we can stretch out the wrinkle as good as or better than new.

Q.Will I have to remove all of my furniture before my carpet can be stretched?
A. We recommend removing small objects and breakables from the area to be stretched. Our crew can handle the the larger pieces of furniture, if needed. Rarely do we need to empty entire rooms since we use a specialty tool called a “mini stretcher” to get out most wrinkles

Q. I have an area that needs patched. Can this be repaired?
A. Yes. Depending on where the patch is, carpet age, carpet type, sun location on area – these are factors as to how much a patch will show. Most seams even in new carpet show slightly, but most of the time the patch is better than the damage.

Q. I don’t have any carpet to patch with. How do I get a piece that will work?
A. The best place to get a matching piece is from a remnant. Sometimes fade will be a slight factor due to age, but this is going to be the same dye lot. If there is no remnant, a piece can be taken from the closet, and a different piece put in its place.

Q. When can you repair or restretch my carpet and how long will it take to repair my carpet?
A. In most cases we can complete any repairs, or restretches right after the initial estimate. Most jobs take 1-2 hours to complete.

Q. Can you get squeaks out of floors under carpet?
A. Yes. Most generally, on a subfloor of plywood, 8 out of 10 times a “squeak” or “pop” can be eliminated. It is necessary to pull back the carpet and pad to get to the subfloor so either wood screws or nails can be driven into the floor joists. In some cases, the “squeak” might be something different causing the problem. It is not uncommon to have these “squeaks” as home ages, due to the wood curing or home settling.

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