Custom Carpet Cutting and Binding Service In Beacon Falls Connecticut

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What we do

We offer a high quality custom carpet cutting binding and installation service to Beacon Falls, Connecticut at an extremely competitive price by eliminating the middle man that often drives up the price of installation. With over 30 years experience our carpet installers can work with carpet of all fiber types and patterns and are highly knowledgeable of all the installation methods available for each type. Let us help make sure your materials get the expert installation they deserve.

What is custom carpet binding?

Carpet binding services are a unique way in which to use any carpet to create custom bordered rugs for the home.

How it’s done.

In order to achieve a near perfect border the areas involved must be measured to determine how much carpet is needed for the installation.

Once the carpet arrives we then lay it out and cut it down to the specified border size and determine where and when seams will be done. We then roll up the carpet and take it to a facility that specializes in binding. When the binding is completed we return and install the rugs in the proper positions and take care of any remaining seams.

Why is this process required?

For a small area rug in a large room the custom cutting isn’t needed and a square or rectangular cut works just fine without exposing how off square the room itself is.

Custom borders are closer to walls and usually attached to halls and stairs where a perfectly squared rug would highlight imperfections in how square the surrounding walls and stairs are.

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