Carpet Removal In Seymour CT

What we do

Family owned and operated for over 30 years, it has been our mission to provide quality professional carpet removal service to Seymour  Connecticut at an affordable rate. We can handle any residential and commercial carpet removal project you need completed in a timely manner and at a highly competitive price. Whether you plan on restoring the hardwood underneath or replacing the existing carpet our carpet experts have you covered.

Carpet removal for hardwood restoration

We remove and dispose of all carpeting, padding, tackless strips. staples, and nails, leaving you with a clean room and the ability to determine if you need a hardwood restoration service or if the condition of the floor is good enough for a regular cleaning.

Carpet removal for pet damage and disinfection

Existing carpets in newly acquired homes often hold dirty secrets especially in cases where pets are involved. We remove and dispose of the old carpeting and padding and when necessary allow the customer time to disinfect the floors before new carpeting is installed. While being slightly more expensive than a standard carpet removal the increase in peace of mind and decrease in mysterious odors is well worth it.

Flooding and other water damage

Carpet damaged by water is a common problem faced by many CT homeowners but usually the damage can be repaired if we act fast enough to avoid the major problems which include mold and odor build up. Whether it’s a leaky fixture busted pipe, or mother nature just seems to have it out for your basement we can help you restore you carpet to it’s former glory once the cause has been addressed. In most cases the padding will be holding the bulk of the water and will need to be removed to allow the carpet to dry out properly.

After the padding is removed and the remaining water is extracted the carpet can be propped up in a way to allow air flow from blowers speed the drying process.

The padding is then replaced with a new pad of matching density and the carpet is stretched back to it’s former position.

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