Like all flooring, carpeting is going to sustain some serious wear and tear. Especially in high traffic areas (family room, hallways, stairs) the pile will get a bit worn down or stains may occur. These problems can easily be prevented with carpet runners or decorative rugs, but the real problem is when the carpeting becomes unfastened. Unlike hardwood or stone floors that come in solid pieces, carpeting is sewn together in layers of materials and fabrics, which means that the surface (pile) or the entire installation itself can slowly become undone over time. Often this is seen in the form of wrinkles that usually occur at the edges of a room. But if not addressed immediately, these wrinkles can spread in number and size, soon taking over an entire area of the house. Not only are these folds unsightly, they’re also dangerous since they’re a camouflaged tripping hazard to children, the elderly, and other guests. So to prevent the problem from getting worse you’ll want to fix this glitch as soon as possible.

We understand with the current state of the economy new carpet might be seen as an unaffordable luxury , but that doesn’t mean you have to live with what seems like an ocean of waves in your carpet. Most carpet stores will offer you one solution when approached with minor carpet problems, that is to sell you new carpet. What we offer is a chance to improve your living conditions without cleaning out your bank account. We can do many things to  restore and renew your existing carpet, click on any of the links for more information.

Restretching If your carpet is loose or buckled we can tighten it up good as new.

Repairs We can repair holes, burns, and tears by replacing the damaged area with a matching piece of carpet, usually taken from a closet area or remnant from original installation. When seams begin to look bad or come apart, they can easily be re-made.

Cleaning Depending on what you prefer we can either just clean high traffic areas and around furniture or entire rooms.

Installation– Any carpet type any place commercial or residential, we can install it for an affordable price.

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